Testimony from David Matsiko, one of the CTPH’s Introductory Course on Computers graduate, 2007

David Matsiko is a graduate of CTPH’s Introductory Course on Computers of 2007

Occupation: Community Telecentre Officer and Bwindi Field Office Manager, CTPH

Hometown: Rugando, Kanungu District

Reason for taking the course: David believed that the “world is changing, when one is not computer literate, he will not compete well with others for jobs.” Being an ambitious young man, he was keen on gaining computers skills and become self-sufficient on the computer.

Background: David was the Deputy Head Teacher of geography and political science at a high school in rural Uganda when he registered for the Introductory Course on Computers. He took the course in the evenings after his teaching responsibilities and invested his own money to pay for the course.

Impact: On a personal level, since receiving the Introductory Course on Computers certificate, David considers himself a conservationist. On a professional-level, David’s career has accelerated. He beat out more than a dozen other candidates for CTPH’s Telecenter Internet position and began to teach the Introductory Course to the next generation of students. In less than six months, he was promoted to become the manager of the CTPH Telecenter and a few short months later he became the CTPH Community Telecenter Officer. Fourteen months later, David was responsible for all of CTPH’s activities in Bwindi with his promotion to Bwindi Field Officer.

David now manages a team of five and programs in public health, wildlife health monitoring and sustainable tourism. David estimates that his income has increased 70% since he graduated from the course. David represents a broader scale of leadership emerging from the local community.

David at the CTPH Gorilla Research Clinic

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