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Benefits of the CTPH Telecentre

Milton-Teacher, Bwindi Vulnerable School
CTPH’s Introductory Course on Computers taken: 2008
Hometown: Ntungamo parish

Reason for taking the course: Milton believes that “every Ugandan should lean how to use a computer.” He had heard about computers but prior to this course, had no previous experience working with one. Milton personally paid for the Introductory Course and would invest in additional advanced computer training were it to be available locally.

Background: Milton is a school teacher outside of Buhoma, the entry town to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Impact: Milton has been exposed to and has exposed others to a multitude of resources and opportunities via the Internet, which he learned how to use during the Introductory Course on Computers. Milton used his notes from this course to develop a theoretical introduction to computers to his students. His fellow teacher Sylvia, who has not had the benefit of firsthand knowledge of computers, also uses Milton’s notes as the basis for her theoretical computer training course. Milton also learned about, applied for and was accepted to a perm culture program via the Internet. Computer literacy was required for success in this program. Subsequently, Milton has used the Internet to investigate rainwater harvest, seed saving and organic composting and is now using this information to start a demonstration garden at the primary school where he works.

IMG_3466Milton and Sylvia in front of the demonstration garden

The experience of taking the course has given Milton and other graduates the confidence to enter the world of new information and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

IMG_3471Bwindi Vulnerable School

Jeremiah at the Bwindi Community Hospital Internet Cafe



CTPH’s Introductory Course on Computers taken: 2008
Occupation: Customer Care Assistant, Bwindi Community Hospital Telecenter
Hometown: Buhoma
Reason for taking the course: Jeremiah’s dream was to learn to use computers.
Background: Jeremiah was a school teacher in rural area lacking electricity and communications infrastructure, when he registered for the Introductory Course on Computers. As such, he had never had the opportunity to use a computer. He used his own funds to pay for the Introductory Course on Computers and believes it was an extremely worthwhile investment.
Impact: He was able to realize his dream of a technology career due to the availability of local, affordable, and certified computer training. He did not have resources to train in Kampala which was the only other option. Following the course, Jeremiah landed the highly competitive Internet café attendant position at the Bwindi Community Hospital Telecenter, a position which he would not have been eligible for had he not taken the course. From there he was promoted to data entry clerk and then the current Customer Care Assistant position. He notes that “everything in the course helps me do my job,” and he estimates his income has increased 50% since he graduated from the course.
Jeremiah wants to increase his computer knowledge through advanced courses if they were available locally on topics such as website design and computer maintenance and repair.
Conservation Through Public Health enables individuals to realize the technology career dream.