We are an organized Bwindi Community group aiming at educating and sensitizing people surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable National Park how to improve primary health care to people and animals near protected areas of Bwindi for conservation. Together with Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), we teach people the values and aspects of conservation. As an example, the community is now aware of the diseases that can be transmitted through the interaction of people and wild animals particularly the gorillas. These diseases include Tuberculosis (TB) and scabies among others. Bwindi community jointly with CTPH trained community members (Volunteers)  sensitize the community to have manageable families and to improve their hygiene. All these are being done in order to create awareness about conservation so as to save the lives of the endangered gorillas so that they do not face extinction. People have learnt to sustain themselves by setting up handicraft shops and other self help projects. These projects keep people especially the youth busy and they fail to get free time of destroying the environment more especially encroaching on our National Park which is a home of the precious mountain gorillas. CTPH has helped market these products on the internet to tourists and the entire world through its Community Telecentre based in Bwindi. In addition, CTPH has helped Bwindi Community pupils of Buhoma Community Primary School interact with pupils from New York State schools in USA over the internet. This has been achieved through live online interactions.  

Also, about 190 community members have been trained on the basics of computer knowledge which has helped them to write to their friends worldwide who include gorilla ecotourists, and also has enabled them to get employment.

 We are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you as we conserve gorillas while improving the livelihoods of our community.

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